Need help getting the best people for the job?
Let us find you some XR Pros.
Why pick Scouting?
Expert recommendation
as XR Community experts, we’ll help you define your needs and find the best people for the job;
Time saver
no need for search or further research, our team will bring you a ready list of top people for the job;
Custom solutions
you might be working on a very specific project or maybe it’s your first time managing an extended reality campaign – there are no unsolvable cases.
How it works?
Our scouting process is flexible and depends on your needs and goals.

Starting from a basic recommendation, focused on finding one person per project, to assembling a whole team, checking for availability and budget, running a mockups contest or even assisting you throughout the whole project.
I need help with a project
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I’m starting a new, big project
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I’m launching my first XR project
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Up to 5 recommendations
Up to 10 recommendations
Availability check
Budget check
Proposals Contest
Recommended plan
Need further assistance?
Apart from scouting, we can assist you further with managing your XR project or consulting on your goals and plans. Reach out to us by scheduling a call or filling out the form below.
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