Why XR Bazaar?
If you plan to launch any Web3/Metaverse related campaign, this is where you’ll find the right people for the job.
No clutter
Everyone you find here is an XR professional – AR Creators, VR Studios, Digital Fashion Designers, 3D Modelers;
Expert recommendation
Select the type of project you’re working on and filter the results based on your budget, the language you’ll be managing the project in and more.
Direct contact
Once you find the right person for the job, you can contact them directly – no barriers, limits or hidden fees.
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Need our help to find the best people for the job?
Learn more about our process and fill in the scout form.
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Looking for multiple XR Pros at once?
We can help you organize a collaboration.
XR Bazaar Explained
XR Bazaar Ambassadors are Creators, Developers and Studios, who supported our vision for this platform since the get-go, and inspired this idea in the first place. They have also helped us promote XR Bazaar and spread the word about our goals and plans. Ambassadors are also featured in our monthly magazine as role models for many members of our community.
Activity Status
Activity Status informs you about how active this person or studio is in our community on Lenslist. So, if you or your work are featured in our content, picked for one of our selections, took part or even won a prize in our challenges – your portfolio will be bumped higher in the search results.
The main factors influencing how high your portfolio will be showcased in our search are: the number of projects you’ve added and your activity level in our Lenslist community. Soon, we’ll be launching pro and premium accounts, which will allow you to be bumped higher in the search.
Search Categories
Our main search categories concern the type of project, technology used to make it or the platform it was launched on. This way, you can look for people and companies, who already have experience delivering specific projects, e.g. social AR on Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok, WebAR, VR, 3D models, virtual spaces or NFTs. Apart from that you can search based on language, budget, location, commercial experience and more.
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